REDwire TR-525M Texas Electronics rainfall sensor also accumulates savings in your wallet

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We all know in life that a little rain must fall. How would you like to benefit from it when it does?

Can-Am Instruments is a national supplier of industrial, environmental and laboratory equipment. From Brookfield, Hach and Highland Tank, to McTighe, Novasina and Telog, manufactures work with us because we all represent the same commitment to unmatched quality.

One such manufacturer is Texas Electronics who offers industrial rain gauge superiority in the rain sensor market. Texas Electronics’ TR-525M rainfall sensors are the gold standard in environmental industrial rain sensors as independent receptacles measuring precipitation. Visit our website for exact specifications.

Rain sensor basics is a drop in the bucket

The structure of industrial rain sensors (or industrial rain gauges) include an open top, a collector and a tipping bucket. While rainfall streams through the open top in the upper section of the collector, the collected water travels to the tipping bucket, which is a mechanical mechanism.

Rainfall accumulates at an incremental pace, measured over time until the switch temporarily closes.

The collected water triggers the tipping bucket to empty restarting the rainfall accumulation and measurement process. Water discharged from the tipping bucket to the rain gauge essentially eliminates the need for manual emptying.

There are a downpour of benefits using TR-525M rainfall sensors

Knife-edge collector optimizes rainfall catch: conservation of water is both an environmentally responsible choice and economically viable solution. The pointed edge of the 25mm collector rescues you from drowning in water bill costs.

Aluminum and anodized aluminum construction: durable and resistant alloy strength such as aluminum makes TR-525M rain gauge an ideal precipitation measurement instrument.

Weighing only 2.5 pounds (1.2 kg), this industrial rainfall sensor exterior is constructed using lightweight spun aluminum while the collector is made with anodized aluminum, offering significant weather resistance protection with operating temperatures between 0 to 50°C (32 to 125°F).

Accurately reliable engineering: superior splash-out protection allows to adjust for potential wind errors. Included with an integral bubble level and high resolution metric output, Texas Electronic rainfall sensors also provide maximum versatility with interfaces to nearly all acquisition systems. The ABS injection molded bucket is a key feature of this liquid precipitation measurement device that comes with a three year warranty.


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