REDwire Towed transfer cart meets the demanding needs of a compressor manufacturer

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This towed transfer cart has a 50-ton capacity and can be owed behind an aircraft tugger.

A manufacturer of compressors for natural gas distribution purchased a paint booth for one of its production facilities. A transfer cart came with the booth system to transport the product from washdown to the finishing area; however, the cart did not meet the company’s demanding needs. It had deflection issues, damaged the production floor and was not performing well. In addition, the chemical solutions used during washdown were corroding the cart. The company needed an alternate solution — one that could withstand the harsh environment and travel easier on the floor surface.

A better way

The ideal solution — a towed transfer cart with a 50-ton capacity — came from the experts at Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS). The cart’s design enabled it to be towed behind an aircraft tugger, and its movement to be guided by floor-embedded S-shaped channels. It features six stainless steel swivel casters mounted to three bogeys, which enable it to adjust to variations in the floor. Two of the bogey axles are mounted in-line with the travel direction, and one is mounted perpendicular to travel.

The cart was shipped in four sections and assembled onsite. The final assembly deck size was 16 feet wide by 24 feet long. Heavy-duty galvanized deck grating permits nozzles to spray from below the cart. The deck's six-inch raised middle section allows product attachments to hang below. It also features access stairs on both ends so that workers can step onto the cart.

A leading manufacturer

ELS has earned a reputation over the last 45-plus years for producing high-quality products designed to tackle difficult jobs. Its technical sales team is trained to help customers find the right solution for each application.

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