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Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

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Torsion springs are among the lineup of precision mechanical springs manufactured by Toronto-based Bohne Spring.

Mousetraps use them. So do clothespins. They’re called torsion springs, and they’re an essential component in many manufactured products today. 

Torsion springs work by — as the name suggests — torsion or twisting. When they are twisted, they exert force in the opposite direction. Torsion springs most often refer to helical springs of round, square or rectangular wire, loaded by torque. They are typically used as a spring hinge; however, torsion springs are also used to rotate parts or cushion shocks on rotating parts. 

Torsion springs are among the lineup of precision mechanical springs manufactured by Toronto-based Bohne Spring. The proudly Canadian company produces unlimited styles of torsion springs up to 0.196-inch diameter wire (five mm), including double torsion. Springs are typically produced from Stainless Steel Type 302, Music wire and can be phosphate coated or zinc plated.

Torsion spring applications are seldom alike and have no standard forms. Orders or inquiries should be accompanied by drawings or samples clearly illustrating the type of ends required and all limiting dimensions such as maximum outside diameter, minimum inside diameter, available length, number of coils, size of wire and whether the spring is to be left or right hand wound. When such specifications are not known and loads are to be met, specify torque output at a loaded position and show the angular relation of ends under this load. Show also the angular relation of ends when the spring is free, if that is important, and show how many degrees of travel are required beyond the loaded position indicated. It is also helpful to know the diameter of the hub or shaft over which the spring is to operate in order to be sure that the inside diameter of the spring in its position of maximum deflection is larger than the guiding hub or shaft.

Bohne Spring has been supplying precision mechanical springs and wire forms of exacting quality, with excellence in service and dependability, for more than 70 years. 

“Springs are an integral component of your application and we take great pride in knowing our quality springs are used by our customers in their products,” the company says.

Contact Bohne Spring for more information about torsion springs and its capabilities. 


Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

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