REDwire Torque flanges available in many styles and sizes to meet application needs

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Many types of torque sensors are available from Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments carries many types of torque sensors from Interface. Its selection includes hollow and solid flange styles, shaft, square and miniature styles, and more.

Hollow flange: The 5330 Hollow Flange Sensor features a large through-hole design for use where mating fixtures, hydraulic or electrical lines need to pass through the sensor. This unit is compact and offers high torsional stiffness and extraneous load resistance.

Solid flange: 5350 and 5355 Solid Flange Reaction Torque Transducers feature threaded mounting holes and an internal amplification for ±10V high-level output. They offer a compact design, high torsional stiffness and extraneous load resistance. Model 5355, however, has a larger capacity.

Miniature flange: The MRT miniature flange features a low capacity, compact design. With a capacity as low as 0.2 Nm, the unit is easy to install, and offers low deflection and high torsional stiffness. It is ideal for reciprocating measurement applications. The MRT2 Miniature (with capacities from five to 50 Nm), and model MRT2P (with capacities from 0.2 to two Nm and three times the overload protection) are also available. Model MRTP, with seven times the overload protection, is also part of the lineup.

Shaft style: The TS12 shaft style transducer offers convenient shaft-style mounting with standard couplings and stainless steel shafts that resist corrosion. The compact design allows mounting in tight spaces where rotational clearance is at a minimum. This unit is available in capacities from 0.005 to 20K Nm.

Square flange style: The TS15 features a flange on one side and a female square connection on the other. This unit is ideal for bench-checking socket style torque wrenches. The TS16 square flange style, on the other hand, features a flange on one side and a male square drive connection on the other. It is ideal for fastener testing where the flange can be mounted to the bench and the square connection can accept sockets. Both models are available in capacities from two to 2K Nm, and offer convenient flange mounting.

To learn more about the full selection of Interface torque sensors available, contact Durham Instruments


Durham Instruments

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