REDwire Top three traits of excellent full-service industrial pump and pumping equipment manufacturers

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Simple, fast and effective customer service and product support are must-haves in any industry.

But in the industrial pump and pumping accessories manufacturing business, what drives reputable, consistent delivery of pump excellence is unmatched expertise in the trade.

Enter Murray Hydronics Limited. Servicing the Hamilton, Ontario and surrounding residential, commercial and industrial clientele for more than four decades, Murray Hydronics surpasses the pump trade competition. It’s no wonder we have a solid reputation in driving the pumping industry forward both locally and nationally.

Specialized as a full-service pump trade company, we meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients in a wide range of applications, including boiler, chemical, dewatering, heating, marine, mining, sewage, sump, transfer and swimming pool applications.

Discover why Murray Hydronics is considered the authority in industrial pump and pumping equipment.

Diversity: Murray Hydronics supplies the gamut of brand name pumps and pumping fittings. Fully equipped with access to hundreds of industry grade and professional pumps and components, we also further diversify our pump packages and systems with custom products designed to suit any application.

Loyalty: our order desk staff offers professional after-product care and general consultation support, complete with pricing, delivery and technical information on the pumps and parts of the lines we carry.

Reliability: Murray Hydronics prides itself with the full-service treatment we offer our customers because of our full in-house service department. Quick, efficient and affordable repair and overhaul services is recognized in our industry as precise as it is proficient. We also offer detailed repair estimates to any make and type of the pumping equipment we represent to ensure maximum productivity with minimal turnaround time.

No pump is too big or too small. Visit our shop by visiting our coordinates above or view our sample of what we have in stock at


Murray Hydronics Ltd.

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