REDwire Top seven reasons to use a filter/regulator with every air-operated double-diaphragm pump

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Versa-Matic recently launched a new and improved line of air filter/regulators and lubricators.

An air filter/regulator is probably the most important investment you can make to extend the life of your air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump, and optimize performance. That’s according to Justin Dill, product manager with popular pump brand Versa-Matic.

Versa-Matic, in fact, recommends the use of a filter/regulator with every pump for several reasons.

1. Reduces maintenance. Clean, regulated air is the key to trouble-free pump operation. 

2. Lowers operating costs. Energy costs are lower thanks to reduced air consumption and less demand on compressors.

3. Extends pump life. Employing filters reduces the stress on wear components by proportioning the air pressure to the required amount.

4. Reliability. The addition of an air filter/regulator helps prevent dirty, wet and contaminated compressed air from decreasing the performance of the pumps. The accessory is properly sized and engineered to optimize pump performance.

5. Pump protection. They protect the pump’s main air valve by efficiently removing solid and liquid contaminants from compressed air lines.

6. Safe operation. They allow users to operate their pumps at the lowest required air pressure for the application.

7. Precise pump control. They allow for easy air pressure adjustment to vary the pump’s flow rate and operate at the optimal speed for the system.

Versa-Matic recently launched a new and improved line of air filter/regulators and lubricators, featuring a durable liquid filled pressure gauge, integral mounting slots and an automatic drain. This new offering also includes a full line of accessories, such as lockout valves and mounting bracket kits. 

This product is available from York Fluid Controls' 17,000-square-foot facility in Brampton, Ont. York provides fluid transfer and process pumps, positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, liquid filtration, recovery systems, mixers and tanks to such industries as chemical, steel, mines, food/pharmaceutical, automotive, environmental, pulp and paper, municipalities and utilities.


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