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Henkel is a leading provider of industrial adhesives.

Adhesive bonding is a reliable option when the application involves attaching one component to another. This type of bonding offers several advantages to users in a wide range of industries. 

1. Improve stress distribution

One of the main benefits of choosing bonding over an option like a riveted joint or spot weld is that it offers improved stress distribution. When two substrates are bonded with an adhesive along the whole bond line, the force is distributed evenly across the length of that bond line. This results in a stronger assembly, which is important for such applications as medical needle bonding, vehicle frame bonding and white goods assembly.

2. Fill large gaps

Using adhesives in applications where large gaps need to be filled can improve structural integrity, encapsulate sensitive components, and dampen vibration or movement. This is ideal for applications like circuit board housing, wire harnesses and cable connections, LED chip encapsulation, battery cells and more.

3. Provide a protective seal

Most adhesives offer the added benefit of a seal. Applications that use mechanical fasteners also often require an o-ring or gasket to keep outside elements away from the assembly. Using an adhesive eliminates this need. In outdoor electrical transformers, for example, adhesives hold the assembly together like a nut and bolt, and also act as a seal.

4. Join dissimilar substrates

Adhesives have the ability to bond a wide range of substrates, including plastic-to-metal, glass-to-plastic, rubber-to-metal and more.

5. Improve esthetics

Adhesives can help improve the esthetics of a product because they avoid the use of weld burns or protruding fasteners. Instead, they offer smooth, clean lines.

6. Easy automation

The application of adhesives can be automated using robots and automatic dispensing and curing equipment. This increases efficiency, and improves consistency and accuracy.

More information

Adhesives can be used in many different applications — from massive machines that drill subway tunnels, to strollers and seats. To learn more about the many advantages adhesives can offer your industry, contact Henkel, a leading provider of industrial adhesives and sealants.


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