REDwire Top reasons to choose 3M’s Fast Tack water-based adhesive

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3M’s 1000NF adhesive is available in various sizes, including one- and five-gallon pails, a five-gallon box, a poly drum, metal drum and a poly tote.

Adheco is proud to carry the 3M Fast Tack Water-Based Adhesive 1000NF, which offers ultra-fast tack times, improved safety, high strength and quick application. For these reasons and more, this one-component adhesive is quickly becoming a top choice for bonding flexible foam, latex foams, fabric, polyester fiberfill, wood, plywood, particleboard and many plastic and metal surfaces in countertop, desk, table, flooring, wall panel and partitions manufacturing.

It is safe

3M’s 1000NF adhesive is non-flammable, polychloroprene-free and has zero VOCs. It offers the performance users need, with minimal risks.

You get more with less

This adhesive offers three times more coverage than typical solvent-based adhesives, which means less inventory and disposal costs.

One-coat application

This adhesive is sprayable, rollable and brushable, and offers the potential for one-surface application. This means higher throughput and productivity, and less down time.

Fast tack times

It offers one-minute bonding time, which is much faster than the five-minute bonding time of typical water-based adhesives. This enables the user to produce more in less time.

Additional details

Thanks to its unique formulation, 3M’s 1000NF adhesive can be used on a variety of different substrates, and in applications requiring high temperature resistance. It is available in neutral and purple, and various sizes, including one- and five-gallon pails, a five-gallon box, a poly drum, metal drum and a poly tote.

If this adhesive does not fit the needs of the application, Adheco carries several other water-based adhesives from 3M. For example, the WBFA water-based foam adhesive is a sprayable product that offers high initial strength. Additional options include the Fastbond 2000NF high-performance contact adhesive for bonding HPL to particle board, and for laminating and bonding a wide range of products, and the 30NF one-component water-based adhesive, which can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on to bond various materials.

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