REDwire Top five quick fixes to solve industrial marking machine challenges

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Industrial marking equipment creates marks of dates, prices, logos or symbols onto paper, metal, glass or film surfaces.

The best industrial marking machines leave a lasting impression.

Any industrial marking equipment can create marks of dates, prices, logos or symbols onto paper, metal, glass or film surfaces.

What makes an indelible mark in the industrial marking systems industry is not only providing custom marking system solutions, but also delivering exceptional after care service to customers.

Despite the best maintenance program or routine service upkeep, over time, equipment may slow down or doesn’t function as they normally do.

Etch these top five quick fix solutions to your mind so that you get your troublesome marking impressions back to leaving a more lasting impression

Challenge: The marking impression leaves a five o’clock shadow

Solution: Take a gentler approach when pressing down the lever to make impresions. Also, modify the machine height for better distribution of ink to the contact surface.

Challenge: The marking impression is even fainter than a five o’clock shadow

Solution: Try emptying or replacing the ink supply.

Another alternative is to shake the ink cartridge prior to re-installion since the ink may not be mixed thoroughly or has evaporated altogether.

A third solution is to replace the ink pad since it may have gone into pigment overload.

Challenge: I wish I had a shadowy or fading mark; instead, the marking impression is not marking at all

Solution: Probable culprits to this challenge include either no contact or an uneven placement with the marking head and surface area. Alter the bracket to re-position the marking head or the machine orientation.

Another tip: re-adhere the rubber cushion or re-set the dies and type holders.

In situations where there is not a full piston stroke, adjust the timer.

Challenge: My impressions all seem like a blur to me

Solution: Check the rubber dies for distortion. Or perhaps the rubber die, well, simply died: replace it.

Also check the machine itself for vibration issues; one trick is to mount a solid frame to the surface area for a more secured marking.

Challenge: I’m drowning in all this ink pad solution, which created an ink tidal wave flood

Solution: For loose ink bottles, just remember the phrase: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey to tigthen the ink bottle. In some instances the ink supply might be hitting the “E” (as in empty): just fill it up with an appropriate amount of ink.

In cases of a sudden change in ambient temperature, regulate the surrounding environment to ensure a proper flow and distribution of ink.

Another option to consider is that the pad is not seated properly or is in a parallel position to the reservoir wall. To solve this problem, wipe off excess ink until at equilibrium and adjust the seat pad accordingly.

Last but not least: if the ink pad has lived a very long and healthy life, but is now too compressed for a useful life, have a moment of silence, then replace the pad.

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