REDwire The top three picks in industrial air tools and hydraulic equipment: if our favourite brand names were superheroes

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Ingersoll Rand is one of the handful of our favourite brands because it is a trusted leader in the industrial air, production tools and material handling technologies.

Industrial machine shops must rely on professional, well-established and trusted air tool equipment that can deliver consistently high quality results each and every time.

Selecting prime industrial equipment is a skill especially when the market is littered with products that imitate the tried and true classics of industrial machinery brands.

Need inspiration on which name brand to trust with your next industrial air project?

Skim through our terrific trio of superhero brand name picks when your business is looking for superhero-like industrial machinery to help save your production day.

The Innovator: Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is easily recognized as a trusted leader in industrial air, production tools and material handling technologies.

Having close to 150 years in the business, Ingersoll Rand is a brand name we love simply because of its superior performance. From air and electric hoists, to air motors, starters and winchers, this gold star brand always delivers quality results with minimal down time for maintenance and repairs.

The Dominator: Dustcontrol

Produced in Sweden, Dustcontrol is an impressive spot dust extraction equipment brand that sets the benchmark when it comes to contaminant removal.

With this Scandinavian country having one of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world, this brand equals dust control equipment designed so scrupulously that impurities in the air are eliminated at the source, even before absorbed into the air.

The Energizer: Enerpac

The Enerpac brand offers an extensive scope of air tools, hoists, pumps, cylinders and accessories for high-volume and demanding industrial applications.

Most notable in the Enerpac line are their air and electric pumps, ranging from their mini handheld, to the recently released 28-volt battery operated unit.

Enerpac also carries cylinders that crush the competition in terms of power. Bearing in mind that one tonne equals 2,000 pounds, this all-star brand carries cylinders varying from 1.5 to 1,000 tonnes of brute force.

Let us be your hero

At McBurney Sales & Service, we’re qualified champions in the air, electric and hydraulic tools and equipment distribution. For more than six decades our family owned and operated business has mastered both the finer details and the big picture when it comes to delivering customized solutions in the industrial, automotive and construction industries.

We also provide warranty guarantees for the products we sell from Aro, Enerpac, Ingersoll Rand, Jet Equipment, Powerteam, Simplex and Strongarm.

Commissioned as a trusted vendor in hydraulic equipment used to construct both the Toronto CN Tower and Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, McBurney Sales & Service is considered by our peers as the leading authority in air tools and hydraulic equipment in Ontario.

Whether you need to lift a bridge, raise a roof or any other superhero-size project in between, our mighty product lines have the muscle to beat any industrial air challenge.

Conquer your next industrial air project by visiting McBurney Sales & Service to get a free estimate today.


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