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Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

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Comparing performance to similar companies is one way leaders like Bohne Spring continually improve.

It can be challenging for manufacturing companies to gauge their performance without benchmarks for comparison. That’s why the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) conducts regular surveys of its member companies to create the SMI Annual Market Summary Report. The report provides spring manufacturers with information on the performance of the industry. In addition, the report profiles a group of high-profit companies. Manufacturers can use this data to gauge their own success, identify best practices, and implement improvements.

Bohne Spring is one SMI member company that places importance on this type of continual improvement. The Toronto-based custom spring manufacturer has been in business since 1891. All along the way, the company has never stopped working to stay on top. 

“We strive to always offer excellence in service and the dependability that today`s industry demands,” the company says.

Data for comparison

The information provided by the SMI market report is valuable to owners and managers who seek clear, comparative data. The report allows manufacturers to compare their performance to other companies of similar size, and discover their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Keys to success

In addition to comparative data, the market report looks at the most profitable companies in the industry, and examines what sets them apart. SMI suggests business owners and managers can use this information to build industry best practices into their business plans.   

In the case of Bohne Spring, the company attributes its success to its unwavering commitment to quality and dependability

To that end, the company invests in knowledgeable professionals, stringent quality assurance, and the latest computerized equipment. 

“We have had experience working with parts for numerous industries, and we are eager and confident in our ability to tackle any order that comes our way,” the company explains. 

Additional details

For more information on its products, services and capabilities, contact Bohne Spring.


Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

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