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The Shimana Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine, available from Digital Measurement Metrology, is designed to simplify the setting of two- and three-point bore gauges.

The Shimana Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine, available from Digital Measurement Metrology, is designed to simplify the setting of two- and three-point bore gauges. 

Thanks to innovative adapters that guide the instruments during the operations, a positioning error is eliminated and the speed of pre-setting increased. All the user has to do is input the dimension into the keyboard and the mobile carriage will position itself automatically. The mobile carriage system will always stay in the desired position, even when applying a force on the anvils. 

The stable granite base, combined with a high-precision measuring system, guarantees excellent measuring results. Using a tolerance table, the carriage can be positioned to the selected tolerance range.

There are many benefits to using this device. The top five are:

  • It saves money. Users will not have to purchase master rings and gauge blocks. The machine can replace, micron per micron, any master ring plus all gauge blocks.
  • It saves time. It reduces zeroing and pre-setting operations.
  • Better accuracy. The operation with the gauge blocks requires precision and time. With the Shimana machine, all users have to do is enter the value, and the rest is automatic.
  • Easy to operate. In any zeroing operation, the user has one fixed point and two free hands to reach the minimum point. Operator error is reduced with this approach.
  • It’s durable. The hardness of the ceramic ensures durability.

Designed for the workshop and hostile environments, the Shimana Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine achieves a typical return on investment of two years, since it eliminates the acquisition of new rings and their calibration. 

Typical applications are setting up and calibration of the following dimensional instruments:

  • Bore gauges with rectangular foot;
  • Three-point bore gauges;
  • Lever comparator;
  • Dial indicators; 
  • Kroeplin – outside/inside;
  • Two-point inside diameter micrometres;
  • External – outside diameter micrometres;
  • Two-point precision / small bore gauges;
  • Bar caliper – inside and outside;
  • Plug bore gauges; and
  • Bore gauges with dedicated adapter;

The list of available adapters is constantly updated. A customized one can be designed for your gauge.

For more information, contact Digital Measurement Metrology.


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