REDwire Top benefits of Exel’s innovative mixing and metering technology

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The PU 3000 is easy to install and operate, offering a quick startup for users.

Kremlin Rexson PU 3000 electro mechanical injection technology, available from Exel North America, combines electronic and mechanical metering. The result is an innovative solution packed with many customer benefits. 

User friendly

The PU 3000 is easy to install and operate, offering a quick startup for users. The control box is intuitive, and features automatic component management, as well as programmable flushing, priming and regeneration. Another feature that makes it easy to use is its alarm notification. The unit will sound an alarm and shut down if mixing is not accurate to a configurable tolerance, or if product is missing. An alarm will also sound when material supply is low. The PU 3000 electronic injection technology constantly monitors and records the actual material consumption of products and calculates the VOCs. 


The PU 3000 features innovative pump change-over technology that allows for unsurpassed mixing accuracy — within one per cent. The result is high-quality mixed material and an outstanding finish. The unit’s continuous flow with patented injection technology allows for extreme accuracy and repeatability.

Rugged and versatile

The PU 3000 can be used with single or two-component materials. It is recommended for difficult materials, including moisture-sensitive, anti-corrosion and abrasive materials, as well as solvent or water-based materials. The unit is ideal for many industries, from rolling equipment and machine tools, to renewable energy and furniture. The PU 3000 comes standard in three models — low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure versions — though a unit specifically designed for acid catalyzed materials is also available.

These benefits result in major savings for the customer, as material usage, waste and maintenance activities are reduced. 

To learn more about the Kremlin Rexson PU 3000 electro mechanical injection technology and its many features and benefits, contact Exel North America.



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