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The PPH 308 rotary atomizer features a magnetic air bearing turbine that avoids mechanical wear.

Exel North America offers the PPH 308 rotary atomizer for applying solvent- or water-based liquid paint in general industry applications. The PPH 308 is known as the best rotary bell sprayer available, and is widely used in the automotive industry. The sprayer has earned a reputation for offering high efficiency, high productivity and low maintenance.

Rotary atomizer features

The PPH 308 offers numerous advantages. It has a high transfer efficiency (with yield above 80 per cent), a quick return on investment, and offers high productivity thanks to paint flow rates up to 600 cubic centimetres per minute. It is ideal for painting difficult parts, as it provides a very good penetrating effect. In addition, the electrostatic wrap around effect enables paint transfer behind the part. The PPH 308 also features an adjustable spray pattern, consistent and high-quality spray, and optimized application of bi-component products.

Low maintenance is another key benefit of the PPH 308. It was designed to make disassembly easy and provide long life. For instance, it uses a magnetic air bearing turbine (TPAM), which means the bell is turning on an “air cushion”, so there is no mechanical friction.

Many options

These rotary atomizers can be supplied in a variety of configurations, such as with various magnetic bells and aircup sets. The choice of the bell will depend on the application’s required flow rates, size of parts to be painted, and type of paint to be used. Options are available for applying solvent-based, water-based, metallic-based, varnish, bi-component, and high solids materials. This sprayer is typically used in a fix station or with a reciprocating machine.

To learn more about the PPH 308 rotary atomizer and the variety of electrostatic liquid finishing solutions available, visit the Exel North America website.



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