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Garter springs are steel coiled springs that connect at both ends to form a circular shape.

Manufacturing precision mechanical springs, metal stampings and strip and wire forms is both an art and a science.

To combine the best of both artistic and scientific worlds, we aim to deliver precise and informative industrial spring prowess for our clients who need less rhyme and more reason when it comes to selecting the appropriate precision spring for their application.

You may remember our ode to the love of industry grade compression springs. Now, for our encore presentation, we highlight popular type of specialized springs behind the big stage names of compression, extension and torsion springs.

Music wire sings as a reliable compression spring

Categorized as one type of compression spring, music wire is a well-known, commonly used high-carbon steel alloy used in the construction of industrial grade springs and wire forms.

Because of its highly magnetic, cold drawn and uniform tensile strength properties, music wire is ideal for cyclic applications (think piano wire) but is not recommended for environments that exceeds temperatures of 120°C (250°F).

Go garter or go home with this adaptive extension spring

Have you checked inside an electrical connector or belt-driven motor lately? If you did, you may have been in contact with a garter spring.

Garter springs are steel coiled springs that connect at both ends to form a circular shape.

Largely manufactured with either carbon or stainless steel wire, garter springs are designed to withstand forces in multiple directions while effectively absorbing changes in pressure, radial forces, temperature and volume.

Best bet for using garter springs include any application involving critical sealing such as air conditioning or hydraulic pump or valve stem seal treatments.

Bohne Spring creates compression and extension spring dimensions of up to 0.207” or 5.25mm. We also deliver up to 0.196” or 5.00mm for our torsion springs.

Since 1941, Bohne Spring has supplied precision mechanical springs, metal stamping and wire forms of exacting quality with the excellence in service and dependability that meets or exceeds the industry demands of today.

From automotive, aviation, consumer and commercial goods, defense and telecommunications industries, let Bohne Spring show you how we spring ahead in superior precision spring manufacturing with our added value customer service. 


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