REDwire TIG welder offers perfect combination of advanced features and simplicity

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The Square Wave TIG 200 is available with several standard accessories, as well as a selection of optional add-ons.

The Square Wave TIG 200 is a portable TIG and stick welder that combines advanced features with ease of use, making it the perfect solution for hobbyists, small fabricators and craftsmen to explore their creativity.

Its many features and advantages include:

  • Smooth and stable welding: Regardless of the user’s skill level, the TIG 200 welder offers smooth and stable welding of multiple material types, including AC TIG welding on aluminum, and DC TIG welding on steel, stainless steel and chrome-moly.
  • User-friendly: The unit’s interface is easy to use, enabling operators to “set it, forget it and weld.” Its control features include an LED display, indicator lights, a control dial, On/Off switch, negative output receptacle, advanced feature button, weld process button, positive output receptacle, and six-pin remote receptacle.
  • Expand welding expertise: Designed to help users increase their welding capability, the unit includes Pulse, a drumbeat-like rhythm for filler metal deposition. This allows users to quickly become a better TIG welder.
  • Easy to adjust to meet requirements: For a wider or tighter welding bead, users can easily adjust AC Frequency Control. To provide more cleaning action on dirty aluminum or to maximize penetration on thick materials, AC Balance can also be adjusted.
  • Multi-process capability: The machine can TIG weld when precision and bead appearance are important, and stick weld when outdoors or working with thicker materials. All of this can be done from one power source.
  • Portable welding: The Square Wave TIG 200 can be plugged in anywhere it’s needed. It features a standard 120-volt circuit or 230 volts for maximum output. Weighing only 46 pounds, the unit offers portability and convenience.
  • Wide selection of accessories: The welder is available with several standard accessories, as well as a selection of optional add-ons. Each unit comes with a 150-amp air-cooled torch package with flexible head and Ultra-Flex cable assembly with Twist-Mate adapter. It also comes with a Foot Amptrol, a gas regulator and hose kit, a stick electrode holder with cable and adapter, and a ground clamp, cable and adapter. A utility cart to accommodate power source, gas cylinder and tools is one of the many optional accessories that can be added on.

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