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Cords Canada supplies threaded rod to meet any requirement.

Cords Canada supplies threaded rod and nuts to suit a range of specifications. When used together, corresponding nuts and rods can be used to create non-standard bolts and longer lengths. In addition, this non-metallic threaded rod can be bent using heat to form U-bolts or custom shapes. This exceptional versatility is why products supplied by Cords Canada are used in almost every industry.


Cords Canada can supply threaded rod in a range of materials, including nylon, PVC, CPVC, Teflon, delrin, Kynar, polypropylene and fibreglass-reinforced vinyl ester. This threaded rod is supplied in four-foot lengths. For applications calling for short lengths, the company can supply injection-moulded nylon studs. They are available in a wide range of the most popular sizes and lengths, and are chamfered on both ends.

Cords Canada can also provide unthreaded nylon rod in lengths of eight feet. In addition, acetal moulded dowels are available for such uses as stop pins, insulating spacers, switch actuators and more.


Many types of nylon nuts are available. They feature even load distribution, particularly for irregular surfaces. This makes them especially useful when working with brittle surfaces such as glass, enamel or ceramic.

Some of the different types of nuts that Cords Canada supplies include hex, wing, cap, and thumb nuts, in standard or locking varieties. The offering also includes many specialty nylon nuts, such as panel nuts, flange nuts and licence plate nuts. Another example is nylon expansion nuts, which are designed for use with self-threading metal screws. These nuts will expand and securely lock screws in place. This allows for connecting thin-gauge materials and avoids any chance of cross-threading.

To learn more about the wide range of industrial fasteners and components available from Cords Canada, visit the company’s website.


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