REDwire Thermocouple gauge tubes with handheld displays offer rugged construction and reliable performance

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Teledyne Hastings' thermocouple gauge tubes/sensors and handheld displays are available in Canada through Durham Instruments.

Teledyne Hastings produces vacuum measurement equipment with exceptional stability, accuracy and reliability under the most demanding conditions. The company’s thermocouple gauge tubes/sensors, available in Canada through Durham Instruments, come in multiple models, with a diverse selection of fittings to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

The lineup

Teledyne Hastings’ thermocouple gauge tubes/sensors are precision sensing devices designed to provide accurate measurement and control of vacuum. Fully compensated for both temperature and rate of temperature change, the tubes are renowned worldwide for their dependability. They feature the rugged but sensitive, time-tested THI thermopile sensor, and are calibrated for nitrogen or air; however, conversion factors for other gases are available.

The lineup includes the DV-4 range, ideal for 20 to 0.1 Torr; the DV-6 range, ideal for 1 to 0.001 Torr; and the DV-5 range, ideal for 0.1 to 0.0001 Torr.

Hand-held gauge

Teledyne Hastings’ HPM 4/5/6 hand-held, battery-operated digital vacuum gauge is compatible with its DV-4, DV-5, DV-6 gauge tube families. It features a precision A/D converter, along with a microprocessor to measure the thermocouple tube's signal output. It has a long battery life, proven reliability, as well as easy installation and operation.

Additional details

These products can meet the needs of a broad array of applications, from air conditioning, refrigeration and appliance manufacturing, to power transformers, cryogenic tanks, semiconductor processes, freeze drying and more.

For additional information, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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