REDwire Thermo-Kinetics offers temperature monitoring solutions for sulphur recovery units

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Pyrometers are available that stand up to the demands of sulphur recovery applications.

Thermo-Kinetics has experience providing temperature measurement solutions for demanding applications such as sulphur recovery units (SRUs). Temperature measuring equipment used in SRUs must stand up to harsh conditions, including high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive atmospheres.

Sulphur recovery units

SRUs are reaction vessels that can be used to incinerate and convert elemental sulphur to SO2 gas, which is used for a range of applications in the mining and pulp and paper industries. Some examples include ore and metal refining, disinfecting and fumigating, sulphuric acid production, and solvent extraction of lubricating oils. In addition, it can be used as an oxidizing agent, antioxidant or reducing agent.

To get the most out of SRUs, a complex process sequence has to be precisely measured and controlled.

An ideal solution

Thermo-Kinetics can provide the E²T Pulsar III for measuring temperatures inside SRUs. This pyrometer uses advanced infrared technology and is often used to control temperatures and increase efficiency of the sulphur recovery process. It offers a number of special features such as the ability to measure refractory and gas temperatures simultaneously, and provide instant or average readings.

Another key feature is the custom mounting hardware that enables combustion process inspection, refractory cure-out and preventative maintenance; all while the SRU is still fully operational.

Thermo-Kinetics’ expertise

With its extensive experience, Thermo-Kinetics can help with the important considerations for employing pyrometers for SRUs, such as placement of the installation, what type of backups should be used, and whether the system will handle the demanding conditions involved.

For more information on how Thermo-Kinetics can help with your process measurement and control applications, visit the company’s website.


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