REDwire Thermo-Kinetics manufactures a broad range of RTDs

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Thermo-Kinetics manufactures RTDs that are rugged and accurate.

A variety of resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) is available from Thermo-Kinetics. These RTDs are used for industrial applications that require highly accurate temperature measurement with long-term stability.

The RTD probes and assemblies manufactured by Thermo-Kinetics offer many features, including rugged construction and CSA-approved assemblies for hazardous locations.

Options for RTDs

Some of the different types available include general purpose, high temperature, tip sensitive, high vibration and averaging RTDs. They can be supplied in custom configurations and are available with many options, such as two-, three- and four-wire configurations; general purpose and spring-loaded mountings, with or without thermowells; and nipple, nipple-union-nipple or bushing extension hardware. There are also options available for head-mounted transmitters.

Three-wire lead configurations are typically used for industrial temperature measurements and offer adequate compensation for leadwire resistance, while four-wire arrangements are used for high-precision applications, as they can completely eliminate any leadwire effects.

Averaging RTDs

Continuous averaging RTD probes are available that can measure temperature over its whole length. These probes can offer a true average temperature measurement of a cross section of large air ducts and other applications that involve low temperature air averaging. The sensing element is encased in a bendable tube, and it provides resistance output that conforms with standard 100 ohm platinum elements with a temperature coefficient of 0.00385. They can be supplied in lengths of up to 50 feet.

Also available are point average probes, which are often used for air ducts and low temperature ovens or drying kilns. The unit measures temperatures at up to 10 specified points along its length and averages them. The sensing elements are inside a flexible stainless steel armoured cable, and an optional PVC-covered model is available to provide extra protection from moisture.

For more information on the variety of RTDs available, visit the Thermo-Kinetics website.


Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

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