REDwire Thermcraft’s new XSB furnaces reach extremely high temperatures and offer enhanced safety

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Process Heaters carries the new Thermcraft line of XSB box furnaces.

Process Heaters can supply the new Thermcraft line of XSB box furnaces. These furnaces are capable of reaching extraordinary temperatures as high as 1600 degrees C — beyond the melting point of steel. They also have a number of features that offer enhanced safety and long life.


XSB furnaces use heating elements made from silicon carbide with a free radiating dual helix design. These elements provide rapid heat up, quick cool down, and excellent temperature uniformity. For control, XSB furnaces use the Thermcraft SmartControl touchscreen PID control system. The furnace and controller are shipped fully assembled and ready to be connected to a power supply.

These furnaces have a heated chamber volume up to 42 litres, a silicon carbide hearth plate, independent over temperature control, and a long life type R thermocouple. In the event that a part needs to be replaced, the furnace chamber, heating elements, hearth plate and chamber threshold are designed for easy removal.

Safety features

The safety features of XSB box furnaces begin with its hinged vertical lift door. This design ensures the hot door insulation is always facing away from the operator. In addition, the door has a safety switch that stops power to the heating elements as soon as the door is opened.

Another feature is the air gap between the exterior of the heated chamber and the exterior of the furnace. This gap provides insulation designed to minimize the furnace’s external surface temperature.

Additional details

A variety of options and upgrades are available for these units. Inlet and outlet fittings can be added for gas purging, while an exhaust pipe can be selected for fume extraction. The SmartControl can also be upgraded to include profile programming, data acquisition and communications. Additional custom options and upgrades are available upon request.

To learn more about the super hot Thermcraft line of XSB box furnaces, or any of the high-quality products available from Process Heaters, visit the company’s website.


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