REDwire Temperature transmitter rich with features

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The SINEAX V 608 measures temperature in combination with thermocouples or resistance thermometers.

The SINEAX V 608 is a programmable two-wire transmitter for RTD and TC inputs. From Camille Bauer and available in Canada through Mod-Tronic Instruments, the SINEAX V 608 measures temperature in combination with thermocouples or resistance thermometers.

The transmitter’s key features include: 

  • It has an output signal of 4-20 mA.
  • It has a 12 to 30 VDC loop-powered power supply.
  • The input variable and measuring range are programmed using a PC and the corresponding software. This simplifies project planning and engineering, resulting in short delivery times and low stocking levels.
  • A two-wire transmitter is included for installation in the process environment. 
  • It has open- and short-circuit sensor circuit monitoring. 
  • It is programmable with or without a power supply connection. 
  • It has a compact design, making maximum use of available space. 
  • It’s available with “Intrinsic safety” EEx ia IIC T6 protection for use in hazardous environments. 

The SINEAX V 608 programmable two-wire transmitter is available from Mod-Tronic Instruments. The Brampton, Ont.-based distributor has been providing its customers with quality products at competitive prices for 43 years. The company stocks thousands of catalogue items for same-day shipment to anywhere in North America and most countries around the world.

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