REDwire Temperature sensors offer high performance in industrial environments

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The S205459 is a platinum RTD temperature sensor with convenient plug-in connection.

“When quality and performance are as important as price, you can count on our proven brands!” This has been Mod-Tronic’s motto since 1972, and 43 years later, the company prides itself more than ever on providing customers with quality products at competitive prices.

Minco temperature sensors are among the quality products Mod-Tronic represents and distributes. In fact, the company has thousands of Minco sensors and transmitters in stock — from tip-sensitive resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and fast-response RTDs, to high-temperature RTD probes and electrically isolated RTDs. 

The TT363 integrated platinum RTD temperature sensor is part of the Minco lineup available through Mod-Tronic. The sensor combines transmitter capability with a platinum sensing element in a single package for an easier-to-install temperature sensing solution. 

Among the sensor’s features are:

  • Power and signal are provided through a 4-20mA current loop connection.
  • Sensor measuring and operating range are from -45.5 to 148.9 degrees C.
  • The high-temperature plastic case and electronics can be used in applications with an ambient temperature up to 85 degrees C.
  • Connection is made using an industry-standard Packard/Delphi: Metri-pack 150 connector.

Another option: The S205459 is a platinum RTD temperature sensor with convenient plug-in connection. It also features a sensor measuring and operating range from -45.5 to 148.9 degrees C. And, like the TT363, connection is made using an industry-standard Packard/Delphi: Metri-pack 150 connector.

Minco’s fast response immersion RTDs can be mounted directly in fluid streams for accurate, reliable sensing. Time constant is just two seconds, compared to 10 seconds for an ordinary stainless probe or up to 50 seconds for a thermowell. The result is more accurate monitoring of dynamic processes. The stainless steel probes can be used in temperatures up to 260 degrees C, they have a pressure rating of 1,500 psi (103 bar), and a quick reaction to changing fluid and gas temperatures.

Contact Mod-Tronic for more details on the thousands of Minco sensors it supplies. 


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