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A partition, constructed using standard System 40 office components, separates the two areas of Cocomira’s kitchen.

Preparing gourmet toffee in the food industry is not for everyone. The delicious treat generates so much heat that many won’t even attempt it. But at Cocomira, toffee is a key ingredient in all of its award-winning gourmet confectioneries. To manage the heat, Anna Janes, founder of Cocomira, needed to section off the kitchen from the production area in the company’s new facility. Working closely with Provincial Partitions to find a solution, Janes quickly realized the benefits of System 40 cleanroom partitions.

The solution

A 35 foot-long, 16 foot-high partition, constructed using standard System 40 office components, was the ideal solution to separate the two areas of Cocomira’s kitchen. The entire installation was done on-site quickly using non-shedding System 40 steel partitions, which feature a smooth, clean, low maintenance finish. Six-foot strip vinyl curtains are used to allow containment of the heat during the summer months. In the winter months, however, opening the curtains during the cooking phase assists in heating the production area, which also helps to reduce costs.

“The new partition is working well and we are very happy with the solution provided by Provincial Partitions,” Janes explained. “I would not hesitate to recommend Provincial Partitions products and services to friends and colleagues in the future.”

An industry leader

Flexibility and convenience with the ease of modular ‘plug-and-play’ makes Provincial Partitions’ patented System 40 the ideal space management choice for a wide range of applications. As space needs change, System 40 has the built-in flexibility to make relocations or expansions simple. Assembly is accomplished without mechanical fasteners, and all panels are interchangeable. This patented system allows users to reconfigure any wall, door, glazed window or entire structure quickly and easily. The options are infinite.

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