REDwire T-PAK® thermocouples reach a fever pitch in exacting accuracy and performance

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The principle benefit of a thermocouple lies in its ability to withstand elevated temperatures more so than resistance temperature detectors.

A thermocouple is an industrial device used to measure highly elevated temperatures. Think of it as an epic thermometer with the ability to calculate extreme heat applications.

The principle benefit of a thermocouple lies in its ability to withstand elevated temperatures more so than resistance temperature detectors (also known as RTDs).

Because thermocouples operate as two dissimilar metals junctioned, when the junction is heated, they create low voltage (known as millivoltage). Thermocouples are passive devices, meaning that they always need to convert millivoltage signals into degrees (Celsius or Fahrenheit) into temperatures that can be understood.

Also, the longer the thermocouple, the more inaccurate the readings can be, which is why proper calibration is critical for accurate readings. Uniquely accredited with ISO 17025 for on-site testing and calibration processes, Thermo-Kinetics offers customized, application solutions for our clients, including in-house calibration services to calibrate temperature sensors from -196°C to 1250°C.

Our T-PAK® thermocouples are mineral insulated probes with a metal sheath. Designed to endure the most demanding environments, our T-PAK® has a long, stable service life because of its stainless steel, alloy outer sheath with tightly compacted magnesia that resists abrasion, oxidization and other corrosive atmospheres.

The robust, mechanical strength of the metal sheath locks wires firmly in position allowing cable to flexibly bend, flatten or twist. Thanks to its rapid response mechanism that promotes rapid heat transfer from the heat source to the measuring junction, the T-PAK® provides high insulation resistance over a wide range of temperature and humidity environments.

Flip through our virtual catalogue and view our characteristics table of Thermo-Kinetics' manufactured thermocouples, which includes specifications on our top performing T-PAK® line.

As a family owned business, with more than four decades in the business, Thermo-Kinetics is founded on a solutions-driven, hands-on personal approach to business so we’re here to help.

With offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto, we’re well equipped to meet and exceed your business’ process control and measurement needs.

Contact us today and see how we offer sensible solutions to process measurement.


Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

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