REDwire T-PAK thermocouples offer durability, accuracy and many options

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Thermo-Kinetics offers T-PAK thermocouples with many options.

Thermo-Kinetics offers T-PAK thermocouples, which feature rugged construction, high accuracy and a range of configurations to meet any need.

Durable and long lasting

T-PAK thermocouples are mineral insulated and metal sheathed. The outer sheath can be made from stainless steel or other alloys, and is insulated with magnesia (MgO) that is tightly compacted. The metal sheath will not be affected by most liquids or gases, and can stand up to high external pressures. This design provides long service life by offering protection from corrosive atmospheres.

T-PAK thermocouples also feature high mechanical strength thanks to the compacted powder inside the durable metal sheath. The powder insulation locks the wires in place, so the cable can be bent, flattened or twisted without being damaged.

Highly accurate

These accurate and sensitive thermocouples feature small mass and high thermal conductivity. This ensures rapid response, as the heat can quickly transfer from the source to the measuring junction. To shield against electrostatic interference, the thermocouple sheath offers excellent electrical shielding. In addition, the insulation offers high resistance over a wide temperature and humidity range.

Many options

These thermocouple probes and assemblies are available in all sizes and custom configurations. For instance, they can be supplied with general purpose or spring-loaded mountings, either with or without thermowells. The calibrations available include J, K, T, E and N. They are also available with options for head-mounted transmitters, and CSA approvals for hazardous locations.

T-PAK thermocouples are available in continuous lengths up to 2,000 feet with a ⅛-inch diameter.

Additional features

Another benefit of the T-PAK product range is ease of installation. The thermocouple cable features pliable construction, so it can be bent in a tight radius and will keep its shape after being bent. Also, the metal sheath can be welded or brazed to special attachments.

For more information on these thermocouples, visit the Thermo-Kinetics website.


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