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Rosta offers a variety of rubber suspension products for mineral processing.

Rosta offers a full selection of rubber suspension components for the mineral processing industry. The company's product selection includes oscillating mountings, self-tensioning motorbases, shock-absorber mounts and self-adjusting suspensions. Each product features long life and low maintenance, which can provide cost savings for a range of mineral processing applications.

Oscillating mountings

Rosta supplies oscillating mountings for use with screens, shakers and feeders. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate oscillating masses of various weights. These mounts feature a high degree of isolation, absorption of solid borne noise, and resistance to shock loads. In addition, screen mounts from Rosta offer fully controlled startup and run-out behaviour.

Automatic motorbases

The line of MB type motorbases from Rosta are used for drives of fans, slurry pumps, screens, crushers and centrifuges. They are capable of automatically compensating for slack, which ensures power is transmitted without belt-slippage. In addition, this reduction in slipping results in extended belt life, and no need for manual tensioning. These motorbases can also absorb torque peaks. They are available in various sizes to suit different motor capacities and frame dimensions.

Shock absorbers

Rosta shock-absorber mounts are used with impact tables to protect conveyor belts and sub-structures from the force of falling lumps. These mounts are designed to withstand high impact forces. They also offer reduced noise levels and less abrasion of belts. The appropriate mount type and quantity depends on the drop height and the maximum lump weight. 

Self-adjusting suspensions

Self-adjusting suspensions from Rosta are used for conveyor belt scrapers to provide continuous pressure on the scraper blade. These suspensions will automatically adjust to accommodate for scraper wear, and can absorb scraper vibrations. In addition, they offer fast and easy installation. A variety of types are available to suit different belt widths.

For more information on its selection of rubber suspension components for mineral processing operations, contact Rosta.  


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