REDwire Structural adhesives offer cost and time savings

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Permabond TA4605 and TA4610 adhesives can bond untreated hard-to-bond polyolefins.

Adheco’s comprehensive portfolio of quality adhesives includes Permabond TA4605 and TA4610 structural adhesives, which have been developed to bond untreated polyolefin surfaces to a wide variety of substrate materials. These adhesives offer many advantages, including time and cost savings, as well as ease of use.


Permabond TA4605 and TA4610 adhesives can bond untreated hard-to-bond polyolefins, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, to many types of substrate materials without requiring these surfaces to be pre-treated. There is no need to use primer or expensive flame, corona or plasma pre-treatment before bonding, which results in major cost and time savings. The adhesives, in fact, can be used in place of solvent, friction, heat and ultrasonic welding solutions.

User friendly

These adhesives are also easy to use. With a simple 1:1 mix ratio, they can be applied manually or with automatic dispensing equipment. In addition, the fact that they are non-hazardous means they are easier to ship and store.

Adhesive details

Both adhesives have an operating temperature of -55 to 100 degrees C (-67 to 212 degrees F), and are available in off-white and nearly colourless varieties. Permabond TA4605 is ideal for use when a fast set is required, as it offers a five- to 10-minute fixture time, a 20- to 25-minute handling time, and a two- to four-hour working strength. Model TA4610, however, offers a 12- to 15-minute fixture time, a 40- to 50-minute handling time, and a six- to eight-hour working strength. If slower curing is required, Permabond TA4620 is available upon request.

To learn more about Permabond TA4605 and TA4610 adhesives, or any of the other high-quality products that Adheco carries, visit the company’s website. The leading distributor of high-quality adhesives, tapes and abrasives has a team with many years of industrial experience and high levels of technical knowledge.


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