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The Pallet Runner storage system is available from Redirack.

Redirack’s Pallet Runner storage system is designed for efficiency. Ideal for high density storage applications, the system features powered carts that can automatically move pallets where they are needed. It offers increased operator productivity and the ability to store more pallets in less space. 

How it works

Operators can use a forklift to place Pallet Runner carts in any lane. Then, at the push of a button, a radio transmitter instructs the cart to perform a given function. The Pallet Runner features a programmable logic controller with seven functions and automatic or manual modes. The cart can retrieve or deliver pallets and then return to the home position. The system works on its own while the operator can move on to another task.  

The system allows pallets to be stored to unlimited depths, and a different SKU can be stored in each lane. It is ideal for applications such as first-in first-out (FIFO) and last-in first-out (LIFO). In addition, it can be used in conjunction with pallet flow systems for case picking applications. The Pallet Runner is also suitable for use in ambient coolers and freezers.

No matter the application, a dedicated team of designers and engineers works to ensure installation of the Pallet Runner always goes smoothly. 


Pallet Runner carts use brushless DC drive and lift motors with high efficiency, low noise and long life. They are powered by military-grade batteries that are maintenance free and resistant to vibration. When it’s time to charge the batteries, the Pallet Runner features a quick change and smart charging system. The Pallet Runner’s heavy-duty mechanical lift system also offers worry-free operation, as there are no noisy pumps, fluids or leaks.

The Pallet Runner utilizes an engineered support structure with rugged carrier rails and pallet entry guides made from galvanized steel. For safety, all systems come with heavy-duty rail end stops. The system also features customized programming. 

More details

Redirack is the largest warehouse racking company in Canada. It offers design, supply and installation services. More information on the Pallet Runner is available on the Redirack website, including videos, technical features and answers to frequently asked questions.


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