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Racking is storage structure consisting of frames and beams durable enough to hold items with higher weight capacities.

Packing away boxes of summer clothes, patio furniture or BBQ equipment is a fall rite of passage that comes every year. Storage systems is not only a seasonal change of the times for an urban condo dweller looking to free up residential space, but storage services are also essential for industries needing to warehouse operating supplies or a surplus of goods.

When considering your own specific storage needs, finding the correct amount of space suitable to store items while sticking to a budget is a top priority.

Once an appropriate space is determined, actually how to pack the items inside the storage unit is the next hurdle. Rather than playing a game of Tetris with all your boxes of belongings, store smarter, not harder -- use the material handling system of racking.

Industrial racking is storage structure method consisting of frames and beams durable enough to hold items with higher weight capacities. Similar to shelving, racking (also referred to as pallet racking) has various specialized types with different advantages depending on the size or weight of products or materials to be stored. 

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But, before you do, check out below of the four common types of racking suited for individual, commercial and industrial applications.

Cantilever racking: stores longer, irregular shaped or sized items such as furniture, appliances, flooring, lumber or pipes using an anchoring system: an arm is secured to one end of the racking column, with the other end protruding outwards horizontally at a slightly higher angle to ensure products remain stable and not fall off.

The beauty of a cantilever racking system is its super space saving feature. Vertical storage space is freed up because both the shelf height and support arms are adjustable to accommodate varying depths and capacities depending on the load. Accessibility and flexibility is greatly enhanced also due to the open rows supporting the loads.

Drive-in racking: high density storage equals high performance in space saving storage, with up to 80% less storage space used with this specific system.

Drive-in racking system enables forklifts to enter into individual units without having to use a special lift truck or equipment. Alternatively, a counter-balanced lift truck may be used if needed.

Pallet racking: Pallet racking packs punch in handling voluminous loads of materials whether on a skid or in bulk containers.

Many pallet racking systems are available, but the one constant is that palletized materials are stored in horizontal rows with multiple levels of height depending on the quantity of materials to be stored.

Structural racking: a self-contained racking structure with upright columns that also doubles as support for the roof of the storage unit.

When you or your business needs the ultimate in high capacity storage, including handling refrigerated and freezer industrial applications, the structural racking option is ideal. The design structure carries a greater weight-bearing capacity equalling more productive use of both space and financial savings in the long run.



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