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StockCap products are available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada carries a wide variety of products from StockCap, the leader in rubber and plastic caps, stoppers, plugs and more. The supplier provides Cords Canada with a broad selection, manufacturing expertise and excellent product quality.

Product selection

Just some of the StockCap products available from Cords Canada include caps, plugs, flange covers, rectangular closures and protective sleeving. These products are available in dip-moulded vinyl, PVC, rubber and silicone.

For example, the company’s offering of caps includes short caps, long caps and EZ tab caps, among others. These products feature high temperature resistance, a wide range of sizes, and many options for colours. They are typically used for applications such as finishing masks, thread protectors, or shipping and storage protectors.

Supplier expertise

StockCap has more than 50 years of experience serving the industry. The company began with a small line of caps and plugs, and grew to become the world’s largest manufacturer of flexible closures. According to the company, this background has provided it with the capability to create innovative solutions.  

“StockCap offers multiple manufacturing processes so the best match can be made for each and every need. Experienced sales representatives address each product protection problem individually, and the customer is directed to the most suitable material, size and shape.”

The manufacturer also has an in-house material development lab that develops new materials to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. StockCap is ISO 9001:2008 registered and RoHS compliant. 

Cords Canada suppliers

Cords Canada works with a large group of manufacturers to offer the millions of parts it carries for industries ranging from agriculture and food processing to electronics and metal fabricating. For more information on its suppliers and the wide variety of products available, contact Cords Canada.


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