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Velcro Brand fasteners incorporate a wide range of innovative products that are employed cost-effectively in countless applications and industries, from transportation, military and packaged goods, to construction, apparel, personal care, agriculture and more. In Canada, Velcro Brand products are available from Gould Fasteners, a full-service wholesale reseller of the versatile fasteners.

Wide selection

Gould Fasteners distributes the complete line of Velcro Brand Business Solutions fasteners. These products include:

  • Velcro Brand Textile Hook and Loop fasteners for commercial and military products. Woven, non-woven and knit varieties are available, as well as materials that are fire-retardant and RF weldable;
  • Velcro Brand Plastic Hooks. A variety of hook profiles are available, allowing manufacturers and designers to specify precise grip and shear characteristics. The hooks can also be die cut into a wide variety of shapes and attached to nearly any kind of surface.
  • Velcro Brand Self-Engaging Hook and Loop. These one-piece products offer reliable, convenient solutions for a wide range of projects, from wire organization with colour-coded products, to bundling produce. Many products allow printing for even more precise categorization. Flame-retardant products, as well as those resistant to water or solvents, are also available.
  • Velcro Brand Adhesive options, including pressure-sensitive tapes, solvent- and heat-activated adhesives, and fire-retardant, rubber-based pressure-sensitive tape; and
  • Velcro Brand Converted and Fabricated Products, including laminates, insert moulding products, sewn and welded straps, reusable straps and more.

The wide selection gives manufacturers an extraordinary amount of options when designing and producing their products.

Product expertise

As a full-service wholesale reseller, Gould Fasteners is knowledgeable in Velcro Brand products, and can assist customers in selecting the most appropriate solution for their product requirements.

To learn more, contact Gould Fasteners.


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