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Daemar has expertise when it comes to the proper installation of seals.

Improper seal installation is recognized as one of the leading causes of seal failure, resulting in unscheduled production downtime and financial loss. However, seal failures can be reduced and/or eliminated by taking the time to follow the proper installation procedures. Daemar can help.

As a provider of millions of essential components to the manufacturing and MRO marketplace — including o-rings, shaft seals and mechanical seals — Daemar has expertise when it comes to the proper installation of seals. The company offers these tips: 

1. First, be sure to clean the seal bore and shaft, and remove all burrs and nicks.

2. Pre-lubricate the seal ID and shaft with a pre-lube that is compatible with the system lubricant before installing the seal into the cavity. This will make the seal easier to install and prevent dry running during initial startup.

3. Protect the seal lip against damage from sharp keyways, splines and screw threads by either taping the keyway, inserting an element into the keyway or using an assembly sleeve that fits over the shaft.

4. Point the seal lip in the correct direction and push it to the edge of the counterbore.

5. Slide the seal over the shaft to the seal housing. Use a slight rotating motion until the seal has a light press fit in the housing. Be sure the seal is square or perpendicular to the shaft, otherwise the seal could become damaged. 

6. Finish the installation by driving the seal into its final position. If using a plate, the diameter should be large enough so it contacts the face of the seal housing. This will ensure the seal is positioned straight and perpendicular to the shaft.

Daemar carries an extensive lineup of shaft seal products that combine quality and performance. For more information about the available seals, contact Daemar.


Daemar Inc.

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