REDwire Eight steps to disassembling an Aeroex mist collector

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An ROX-400/600 series mist collector from Aeroex.

Mist collectors from Aeroex are capable of working for long periods without any maintenance. Exactly how long that period is depends on the application.

To first establish the maintenance interval, the company recommends inspecting the mist collector after the initial three months, six months and one year of use. If these inspections reveal no fouling, the unit can be run without maintenance, indefinitely.  

In that case, the only need to disassemble the unit will be to replace the filter media in the second-stage agglomerator every 10 years. Alternatively, some applications require filter media to be regularly cleaned.

Easy disassembly and maintenance

Whether the unit is in need of inspection, manual cleaning or filter replacement, the disassembly process is quick and easy. Here are the steps for disassembling an ROX-400/600 series mist collector.

  • Disconnect and lock out the electrical power connection.
  • Remove the four bolts from the hinged lid. 
  • Take out the first-stage mechanical separation elements. Wash or wipe clean if necessary.
  • Remove the second-stage agglomerator filter media. This permanent media can be washed over and over.
  • Check the oil drain line and, if necessary, clean it.
  • To remove the third-stage HEPA filter, simply loosen the straps. 

Maintenance intervals and online cleaning

The required maintenance period depends on the types of oil, solids or chips in the air stream. For instance, some soluble oil and synthetic concentrates can congeal, which requires the mechanical separators and filter media to be cleaned manually. Reduced air flow is a sign that it is time to clean away congealed concentrates. 

ROX mist collectors are also available with optional online cleaning systems that eliminate the need for disassembly and manual cleaning. For more information on ROX oil mist eliminators, visit the Aeroex website.


Aeroex Technologies Inc.

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