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A Mentor steerable battery-powered transfer cart with custom deck fixture was the ideal solution for one of ELS' many customers.

Companies often turn to Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS) with challenging applications. This is because of the company’s 45-plus years of experience and its reputation for making difficult jobs seem easy. This expertise allows the manufacturer to steer customers in the right direction regarding which piece of equipment is best suited for the application.

Transfer cart or forklift?

One customer with a two-piece die handling process had been using an overhead crane in its automotive metal stamping application; however, changes to its manufacturing process required the die be moved to a location beyond the lifting area of the crane. The two pieces of die were not the same weight or size. One weighed approximately 13 tons, while the other tipped the scale at 17 tons. Both had unique shapes and dimensions. In addition, to move the die meant travelling through a doorway and negotiating several turns.

A forklift was considered as a solution for this application, but was quickly dismissed due to the physical size of the forklift compared to the die. The ideal solution ended up being a Mentor steerable battery-powered transfer cart with custom deck fixture.

Key features and benefits

The steerable transfer cart, designed and manufactured by ELS, was the answer thanks to its many features. The cart has a 20-ton capacity, so it can easily handle the customer’s load. It also features flip out panels that are used to accommodate the two die halves, enabling the cart to move both dies in one trip. Additional features include:

  • UHMW pads that line the fixture and flip-out panels to prevent damage to the die from metal on metal contact;
  • Dry cell batteries, which provide hours of drive time without the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance;
  • An on-board charger that conveniently plugs into a 120-volt wall outlet for battery recharging;
  • A hand-held pendant controller that provides motion control (forward, backward, left, right);
  • Warning alarms (audible and flashing light), which alert workers in the area when the cart is approaching; and
  • A quick disconnect plug that allows pendant cable change-out without the need for an electrician.

An added benefit: the unit can also be used for wireless cart operation.

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