REDwire Steel mill gains a competitive edge with LumaSense pyrometers

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Thermo-Kinetics supplied a solution that boosted the efficiency of this steel mill.

Thermo-Kinetics is known for providing high-quality solutions for process measurement and control. To help clients get the results they are looking for, the company utilizes capabilities in manufacturing, distribution, technical support, in-house calibration and repair. With its strong reputation, customers look to Thermo-Kinetics for solutions that can help them gain a competitive edge.

Case in point

One customer, a consulting engineering company in the steel industry, was looking for a more efficient and reliable solution for monitoring the temperature of hot rolled slab in a steel mill. To meet the client's needs, Thermo-Kinetics recommended the LumaSense IS 320 and LumaSense IGA 320/23, high-precision single-point pyrometers designed to handle the hostile environments and high temperatures of steel mill applications.

These products feature a compact size to fit in small spaces, internal digital signal processing, and a built-in LED targeting light that makes it easy to align the sensor to the measuring object.

For this customer's application, the pyrometer is used to measure strip and sheet temperatures, enabling the rolling mill to be set to match the temperature of the steel. In addition, the pyrometer is capable of sensing when hot metal is present, allowing the roll stand operation to be precisely timed to maximize efficiency.

The results

To ensure reliability, the pyrometer was supplied with a heavy-duty mount, stainless steel air purge, and 90-degree connector. In addition, a control system with RS845 communication was used for ease of service.

The result was more precise and consistent temperature control for the steelmaking processes, helping to avoid the need for reheating. The company gained the competitive advantage it was seeking by saving both time and energy costs.

Additional details

Thermo-Kinetics can provide a range of fixed infrared thermometers from LumaSense Technologies. Models are available that cover temperature ranges from -20 to 3,000 degrees C.

For more information on Thermo-Kinetics' process measurement and control solutions, visit the company's website.


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