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Keystone Steam Supplies

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Keystone offers air vents to keep steam and hydronic systems working properly.

Keystone Steam Supplies can provide air vents for both steam and hydronic systems. No matter the type of system, air will inevitably get inside and keep it from working properly. Air takes up valuable space in the system and acts as an insulator, preventing heat from getting where it’s supposed to. 

Air vents supplied by Keystone Steam Supplies are the perfect solution. They will remove air from along the system lines (main or distribution), or at a high point before the point of use.

Steam system vents

Air gets into steam systems during shutdown when the steam condenses and creates a vacuum. This draws in air, which will have to be removed before steam can replace it. Often, that is why the top of a cast iron radiator feels cool, while the bottom is hot.

Keystone Steam Supplies offers air vents for steam systems made by top manufacturers, including Watts, Hoffman and Vent-Rite. They are available in automatic or manual varieties, with angle or vertical connections, and in multiple sizes. 

These air vents typically incorporate a temperature-sensitive device. This allows them to remain open to release air and to close once steam reaches the vent.

Hydronic system vents

Top brand names of air vents for hydronic systems are available from Keystone Steam Supplies, such as Watts, Hoffman and Maid ‘O Mist. They are available with automatic or manual operation, vertical or horizontal mounting, and multiple connections.

These air vents work differently than models for steam systems. Typically, they are float devices that remain open to let air escape. As air is removed, the liquid level is able to rise, which raises the float and seals the vent opening. The process repeats if the liquid level falls below a certain point. 

The manual air vent models are operated with a knob, button or screwdriver.

More details

These are just some of the offerings available from Keystone Steam Supplies. Just imagine getting all your steam and hydronic heating supplies from the same place, guaranteed. Keystone Steam Supplies has what you need and will take care of the leg work, ensuring you get your products on time. 


Keystone Steam Supplies

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