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CarChip technology is one of the best driving and engine monitoring systems on the market today.

Instead of placing a “how’s my driving” bumper sticker on the back of your car, how about installing a driving and engine performance monitor on the inside of your vehicle? 

Beyond tracking a vehicle’s “where”, driving and engine performance systems can monitor a vehicle’s “how”.

Similar to the size of car keys, driving and engine performance monitors simply plug into a steering wheel or vehicle dashboard to assess the performance of the operator and engine.

The mini wonder also records and stores weeks or even months of real-time driving data obtained from a vehicle’s on-board computer that can later be downloaded for statistical and tracking purposes.

Start your engines

Whether you’re a nervous parent of a newly licensed teen driver or a business owner with a fleet of company cars to track, learn why a driving and engine monitoring system is an excellent way to observe, log and store the habits of a driver’s performance.

Get GPS ready

GPS enabled tracking mechanisms inside the driving and engine performance monitor allows a vehicle's whereabouts to not only be seen, but also determines how the car is driven. Intervals can range from five seconds to up to 10 minutes to store more than 40 hours of GPS data.

Get data set

Remote or wireless data loading options are available to obtain the data, which can then be downloaded from various database platforms including Microsoft Access, MySQL or Oracle 9i.

Get a map and go

Use the manufacturer’s mapping program or an alternative management software tool to analyze the downloaded data.

Reports such as kilometres driven, gas consumption, route arrival and departure location, driver and engine performance, as well as accidents or near-accident descriptions can be evaluated in detail and printed for your records.  

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