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Static dissipative footwear features a yellow rectangle with the initials "SD" in green letters.

The right footwear is critical to workplace safety. Proper shoes or boots can help prevent such injuries as electric shocks and crushed feet, punctures, burns and muscle or bone injuries. 

Footwear that dissipates static

Mister Safety Shoes offers a selection of footwear designed to prevent injuries from various workplace hazards. Static dissipative footwear, for example, is designed to reduce the amount of static electricity build-up on the person’s body, in industrial environments where a static discharge can be a hazard for workers or equipment. Static dissipative footwear features outer soles made from an antistatic compound, capable of dissipating an electrostatic charge in a controlled manner. It allows a small charge of electricity to be dissipated into the walking surface.

Look for the logo

Any shoe or boot that meets the CSA Z195-09 protective footwear standard requirements for static dissipative footwear will feature a yellow rectangle with the initials "SD" in green letters. It is essential, if static electricity is a risk in the work environment, that employees wear shoes or boots displaying this CSA symbol.

Additional symbols

There is footwear for almost any hazard, each with its own CSA symbol associated with it. There is a symbol that indicates Grade 1 toe and sole protection against impact to toes or the penetration of sharp objects to the bottom of the foot. Another symbol indicates electric shock resistance, while another shows protection against impact to the toes only.

Expert advice

Make sure the sole of the footwear is one recommended for your work environment. Mister Safety Shoes has a team of experts knowledgeable in industry standards and safety certifications, who can recommend the appropriate shoe for your environment. To learn more, contact Mister Safety Shoes.  


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