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The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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Ohio Broach offers a convenient online RFQ form.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company offers a range of services, from tool design and manufacturing to production broaching. One way the company simplifies the process for customers is by providing a convenient online RFQ form. It offers a quick way to get the ball rolling, no matter the type of service a customer is interested in.

Customer requirements

The online RFQ form makes it easy for customers to provide information about their requirements. For example, customers can upload a part print at the click of a button. The form also includes fields to provide specific information, such as whether a sample part is supplied, if clamping marks are allowed, and the required orientation.

The form’s other sections include a field to specify the material, the hardness prior to broaching, and how much stock is to be removed. By including individual fields for each requirement, the form ensures customers can easily provide all the applicable information to get a fast and accurate quote.  

Broach tool application

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company can manufacture broach tools for just about any job. The company has experience with a wide range of parts and applications. Some examples include medical implants, t-shaped slots, cutting teeth, shaft slots and hand tools. When it comes to production broaching services, the company can perform surface or internal broaching, and work with a wide variety of materials such as steel, cast iron, brass, copper and aluminum. 

Due to the company’s versatile capabilities, the RFQ form allows customers to specify a variety of details, including desired production rate per hour, annual usage and lot sizes. The form also includes a field to specify the type of machine to be used, as the company can manufacture tools for use on any broaching machine. 

Special instructions

Lastly, the form provides an area for customers to include any special instructions or comments. With its extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, The Ohio Broach & Machine Company can handle virtually any broaching project. 

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The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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