REDwire Standards help create safer manufacturing environments

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Standards helps companies reduce the risk of hazards in their workplace, addressing everything from machine hazards to noisy working environments.

The manufacturing industry consists of a wide variety of workplaces and an equally wide variety of potential hazards, particularly for machine operators. From machine hazards to noisy working environments, mitigating threats is the best defence, and standards can provide the right guidance.

In an effort to address these manufacturing hazards, CSA Group has published new editions of several important standards. To help get them into the hands of occupational health and safety representatives, six relevant standards are being offered for 15 per cent off, for a limited time. They are:

  • CSA Z432: Any machine that may cause injury must be safeguarded. The third edition of CSA Z432 - Safeguarding of Machinery specifies requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation and safeguarding of industrial equipment to prevent injuries and accidents, and enhance the safety of personnel who operate, assemble and maintain machinery.
  • CSA Z434: Hazards associated with robots can be unique to a particular robot system. CSA Group has published the third edition of CAN/CSA - Z434 Industrial Robots and Robot Systems, a voluntary standard that applies to the manufacture, remanufacture, rebuild, installation, safeguarding, maintenance, repair, testing, startup and personnel training requirements for industrial robots and robot systems.
  • CSA Z462 and Z463: When workers are required to work on or near electricity, it is vital to have a workplace electrical safety plan and proper electrical maintenance processes. The latest edition of CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety offers direction on integrating electrical safety programs into OHS management systems, helping users comply with due diligence requirements. CSA Z463 Guideline on Maintenance of Electrical Systems is Canada’s first comprehensive guideline on electrical system maintenance, and is intended to provide direction for organizations seeking to design and implement an effective electrical maintenance plan.
  • CSA Z94.1: Moving machine parts and working with industrial equipment requires protective headwear. CSA Z94.1 Industrial Protective Headwear - Performance, Selection, Care and Use is part of a suite of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards, and applies to protective headwear for industrial, construction, mining, utility and forestry.
  • CSA Z1007: One of the “invisible” injuries on the job is noise-induced hearing loss. CSA Z1007 - Hearing Loss Prevention Program (HLPP) Management helps guide businesses in establishing a management process for an effective hearing loss prevention program.

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