REDwire Standards certification: The benefits and the process

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For more than 100 years, BSI has led the way in standards.

Using standards can offer a set of powerful business and marketing tools for organizations of all sizes. Companies can use standards to fine-tune their performance and manage the risks they face while operating in more efficient and sustainable ways. Using standards also allows companies to demonstrate the quality of what they do to customers, and they help companies see how to embed best practices into their organization.

For more than 100 years, BSI has led the way in standards. Companies who certify with the business standards company demonstrate to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that they not only use industry-respected best practices, but also choose to work with the organization that developed many of these standards — an organization with more than 65,000 certified clients and more full-time assessors than any other certification body worldwide. 

The benefits of BSI certification include:

  • It helps companies demonstrate to stakeholders that their business is run effectively.
  • The process of achieving and maintaining the certification helps ensure the company is continually improving.
  • The regular assessment process improves staff responsibility, commitment and motivation.
  • Certified companies achieve better overall performance and cut costs.

The benefits are clear. If a company is interested in certification, the process can be completed in seven simple steps: 

1. Tell BSI what you need, and the standard you’re aiming for.

2. BSI will give the interested company a proposal detailing the cost and time involved in a formal assessment.

3. BSI will assign the company a dedicated client manager.

4. Workshops, seminars or training courses can be provided to bring staff up to certification level.

5. An optional pre-assessment identifies any omissions or weaknesses that need resolving.

6. The assessment comprises a number of stages, depending on the chosen standard.

7. BSI will issue a certificate of registration, clearly outlining the scope of the certification.

Once companies are certified, BSI will visit on a regular basis to assess whether they continue to conform and are still working to the best practice specifications laid out in the standard or scheme. 

Whether you're starting the certification process, looking to transfer or just need to discuss options for your business, BSI’s expert team can guide you through the process. Contact BSI for details. 


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