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Sprockets are wheels with saw-like teeth constructed to fit and move indented objects.

Sprockets are wheels with saw-like teeth constructed to fit and move an indented object.

Typically, sprockets comprise of four main types: one-piece sprockets (the most widely used kind), two-piece split sprockets, bolt-on-tooth sprockets and detachable sprockets.

The delicate design of a sprocket is intricate yet modest: from advancing film inside a compact camera, to rotating a bicycle chain, the humble sprocket bears a hefty job at the helm as a solitary wheel.

Learn how sprockets roll into the groove by taking a quick peek at sprockets by the numbers.

Using carbon is half the battle

Experts suggest steel sprockets contain at least 0.5% of carbon material so that it can perform seamlessly in heavy duty or demanding functions.

Less is more

Sprocket specialists recommend smaller sprockets contain no fewer than 11 teeth for roller chains and no more than 120 teeth for larger sprockets.

Chain wear elongation becomes limited when there are more teeth on the sprocket and not enough slack thereby triggering the chain to jump the teeth and cause damage to the chain and/or sprocket.

Be the odd person out

Choose an odd number of teeth for small sprockets rather than an even number.

According to a national professional chain association, pin and roller links engage differently on the alternate teeth of a sprocket if it has an even number.

Conversely, sprockets with an odd number of teeth evenly distribute chain wear and tear.

When it comes to numbers, we’re at the top

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd.’s custom and made-to-order sprockets are designed with number one quality carbon steel to ensure extended life against abrasion, corrosion and heavy load shock.

But, we do more than just build wheels with teeth. We also take a bite out of the industrial precision roller chain, mounting methods and material and coatings competition. Technical and reverse engineering support is also one of our fortes.

From same day to next day custom creation, Tsubaki has the proven numbers to deliver high performance product at competitively low cost. 

We blow out 41 candles this year in Canada. Come celebrate with us.

We’re Canada’s largest sprocket manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario. For our friends out west, visit us at our warehouse facility in Edmonton, Alberta. We’re always open at


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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