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Springs & Things offers expert assistance with spring design.

Springs are often one of the most critical elements in mechanical assemblies. That’s why it’s important that springs are built to offer reliable performance and a long lifespan. Springs & Things is an experienced manufacturer that can meet this need with its capabilities in spring design, testing, material selection, and special finishes and coatings. 

Spring lifespan

A recent article in Springs, the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) magazine, explains that there are many factors that must be taken into account when assessing the life of springs. In the article “Fatigue life for springs”, former SMI president Dan Sebastian writes that some of those factors include the stress range, environmental conditions, speed of cycling, material size and metallurgical properties. According to Sebastian, the combination of all these factors can make it difficult to determine just how long a spring will last. 

“It seems like a simple answer to a reasonable question, but in fact it is a complex answer and is dependent on a lot of different issues,” he writes.

To get an answer on the lifespan of a spring, software is often used. But, according to Sebastian, that is just an approximation at best. Testing is needed to get a more accurate answer.

Springs & Things has the expertise to understand the various factors of spring life. The company takes these factors into consideration when designing an appropriate part to meet customer requirements. Springs & Things confirms the performance of its spring designs with load testing. When needed, the company can also perform more demanding testing in a laboratory setting.

Springs & Things capabilities

To improve spring performance and lifespan, Springs & Things offers special coatings and finishes, including bright zinc and bake, zinc phosphate and oil, shot peening, passivation, electroless nickel, and more. The company also offers a wire material for every application. 

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