REDwire Springs & Things performs shot peening to improve spring performance

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Springs & Things offers a shot peening service.

Springs & Things is an expert in the design and manufacture of all types of springs. The company has a reputation for being able to handle any request due to its custom manufacturing capabilities and special finishing services.

Available finishes range from zinc phosphate and oil to PVC or nylon coatings. But in addition to these popular methods for improving performance, corrosion resistance and aesthetics, the company also offers a shot peening service.

Shot peening basics

The shot peening process is used to enhance the properties of springs for high performance applications. It consists of impacting a metal surface with media (known as a shot). The shots used are typically round metallic, glass or ceramic particles, which act like a tiny ball-peen hammer as they are blasted at a surface. The process creates a uniform layer of compressive stressed metal.

The result of this process is increased part life. Afterwards, the metal surface is more resistant to fatigue and stress corrosion failures.


The shot peening process is typically performed on parts that will have to withstand multiple shocks and heat. Some common applications include engine valve springs, coil springs, leaf and suspension springs, and high-performance die springs. 

Shot peening is also used in the aerospace industry during aircraft repair to relieve stress from grinding and increase fatigue life. In addition, the process is sometimes used for cosmetic purposes. The overlapping dimples created by shot peening result in a more pronounced light scattering effect than sand blasting.

No matter the application, Springs & Things has the expertise to help, as the company’s senior sales and production staff has a total of 125 years of experience in spring manufacturing. 

For more information on Springs & Things and its many services, visit the company website.


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