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Springs & Things' RFQ forms include helpful diagrams.

Springs & Things is a leading supplier of custom designed springs. The company produces many different types of springs, as well as other parts with spring-like qualities. These products are available with many options for material types, wire diameters, special coatings and finishes, and more.

With all the choices to make, it can be difficult to know where to start. To make the ordering process easy for customers, the company’s website includes RFQ forms that are easy to understand.

RFQ forms

Springs & Things provides a separate RFQ form for each type of spring it manufactures, including compression, extension, torsion, flat, coiled and special. There are also individual RFQ forms for assemblies, as well as wire forms. Because each RFQ form focuses on a specific product type, customers can be sure that all the information on the form is applicable to that product. In addition, this makes the RFQ forms concise and easy to use.

The RFQ forms also provide diagrams that identify how the different dimensions of springs are measured. For instance, on the compression springs form, the diagrams show where to find the mean coil diameter, free length, pitch or lead, and more. In addition, there are diagrams that show various design options. For example, the extension springs RFQ form includes diagrams showing different loop types, including machine, crossover, side and extended.
Besides dimensions and design types, the RFQ forms also include areas to specify the load, total number of coils, direction of wind, and quantity required. Also, if customers have a specification document prepared, it can be easily uploaded and attached to the RFQ.

Manufacturing expertise

Springs & Things has been serving the industry since 1997. The company has a senior sales and production staff with a total of 125 years of experience in spring manufacturing. As a result, the company can take on practically any project. It can work with customers to design prototype springs, whether the customer has a fully dimensioned drawing, a simple sketch, or just an idea.

“We welcome all inquiries, including phone, email and online requests from Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, the rest of Canada and the United States,” the company says.

Visit the Springs & Things website to learn more.


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