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Springs & Things has design capabilities that set it apart from the competition.

Many manufacturers put too much focus on improving efficiency, according to an article recently published in Springs, the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) magazine.

In the article, “Robots and factories are no longer differentiators”, which was originally published in Assembly magazine, lean manufacturing expert Mike Shipulski argues that when it comes to efficiency, it’s difficult to gain an edge over the competition. The reason is companies are working towards the same goals, such as more automation and locating factories closer to where products are sold.

“It’s a level playing field for all, with little opportunity for competitive advantage,” Shipulski writes. 

The article suggests that design and innovation are better ways for companies to differentiate themselves into the future.

One SMI member company that excels in these areas is Springs & Things. The Mississauga, Ont.-based manufacturer offers expert spring design services and often creates innovative solutions to meet customer challenges.

Design expertise

Springs & Things has the capabilities to handle any spring design need. The company gives customers direct access to its senior staff that brings a total of 125 years of experience to the table. The company often helps customers who have developed a new product and require a custom part designed from scratch. In addition, Springs & Things works with customers who are seeking an alternative part that improves performance, reduces costs, or both.

Innovative products

According to the article, one reason innovation is so important is the growing opportunity in developing countries. Shipulski writes that because these markets need radically different products, the disruptive power of innovative design has been amplified. 

The article also identifies material selection as important to meeting the needs of these new markets with the low cost solutions they require. 

Springs & Things is able to meet this need as the company works with a wide variety of materials.

“When you think ‘spring steel’, the possibilities are endless because you can choose from much more than round wire. In fact, there is a wire material for every application,” the company explains on its website.

The article concludes that while efficiency is important, it shouldn’t be the singular focus of manufacturers. Innovative products are needed because there’s no use in efficiently making products that no one wants. 

For more information on the design capabilities of Springs & Things, visit the company website.


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