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Springs & Things has a goal — to help customers reduce costs, improve functionality and simplify production through the design of compression springs.

Springs & Things has a simple goal — to help its customers reduce costs, improve functionality and simplify production through its design of innovative compression springs. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company is a trusted supplier of custom compression springs and compression spring design, and gives its customers direct access to senior sales and production staff with a total of 125 years of spring manufacturing experience. 

Experience like this is what allows the company to provide spring quotations, in many cases, in as little as 24 hours — giving customers the opportunity to reduce costs, improve functionality and simplify production as soon as possible.

Springs & Things serves all industries and business sectors, and has the proven ability to create a wide range of compression springs — conical, tapered, concave or convex designs — in a variety of materials, finishes and sizes (from .008 to .562 inches). The springs are available in a variety of end styles, including open ends, not ground, ground and closed ends. The company is able to implement design changes, such as altering the end of the spring or the direction of the helix using additional closed coils or variable pitch, to improve the customer’s product or process.

“You also need to know that we have earned the ultimate endorsement for a spring manufacturer,” the company says. “We are the supplier of choice for many other spring manufacturers that do different work than Springs & Things, call on us to help with a rush compression spring order or need our help to complete a specialty compression spring order.”

Springs & Things offers numerous customization options beyond the initial design process. Shot peening is one option that adds shock and heat resistance to engine valve springs, high-performance die springs and other products. This involves covering the springs with a media to create a uniform layer of compressive stressed metal. The company also offers custom finishes to improve aesthetics or add corrosion resistance. Springs & Things can also provide product and part assembly as a value-added service. 

The company uses specialized equipment and methods to guarantee unmatched product uniformity. 

To learn more about its compression springs, as well as the other products and services it offers, contact Springs & Things.


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