REDwire Springs & Things adds finishing touches to improve spring performance

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Springs & Things can handle almost any request for spring products with special coatings and finishes.

Springs & Things has a reputation for being able to handle a wide variety of requests — even when it comes to special spring coatings and finishes. 

Working with a network of highly experienced and accredited vendors, the Mississauga, Ont.-based company has the capability to handle almost any request for spring products with special coatings and finishes. 

The most popular commercial finish requests the company gets from customers are:

  • Bright zinc (clear colour) and bake. Yellow, red, black and olive drab colours are also available; and
  • Zinc phosphate and oil, standard grey or black colour, wet or dry oil.

Not only are these finishes aesthetically pleasing, but they also protect against corrosion and provide a cost effective way to improve spring performance.

Additional finishing touches available include:

  • Hexavalent or trivalent options on colours, dyes and sealer;
  • Wax after plating;
  • Electroless nickel;
  • Plastisol, vinyl, PVC and nylon dip or spray — a way to dampen noise, insulate, protect against corrosion, identify parts, reduce sharp edges, add friction or improve wear;
  • Paint application — from the classic “Japan Black” to powder coating and modern e-coat;
  • Passivation on stainless steel;
  • Vibratory and tumbling services used for deburring, burnishing, polishing, rust inhibiting and drying;
  • Ultrasonic and electro cleaning; and
  • Shot peening — performed on parts that need to resist multiple shocks and heats.

Whether the customer's goal is to enhance the look of a spring, or improve its performance, Springs & Things can help. Special requests are its specialty. 


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