REDwire Spring design is best left to the experts

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Springs & Things has dedicated sales and design staff who can show you how to use spring materials to cut manufacturing costs while also increasing functionality.

Springs are found in everything from HVAC filters to high-end microcomputers. They are critical components in many products — including products that may be in development. 

Springs & Things manufactures springs and wire forms for a wide range of companies in Canada and the U.S. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company is often commissioned by entrepreneurs and owner/operators who have invented something new and need a spring or wire form to complete their design. 

For example, one of its customers developed an innovative fish lure that required a custom wire form. After consulting with the client and testing various prototypes, the Springs & Things team developed a wire form design that provided the necessary functionality and could be manufactured at a cost that was acceptable to the customer. That lure is now enjoying healthy sales.

If it’s a spring prototype you require, Springs & Things has dedicated sales and design staff who can show you how to use spring materials to cut manufacturing costs while also increasing functionality. The advantage of using spring materials comes when the company can design a spring to replace a plastic part that is not available or that the customer would have to spend a high cost on to mould or machine. This is especially true when a low quantity is required. In those cases, a mould is not cost efficient, says Paul Costello, the company’s president.   

Other clients come to the company with a finished spring design, and the team is very happy to handle that kind of order. But more often than not, they can make a suggestion on how to modify the design to make it more functional and/or reduce costs. A team member can even go to your plant to see your full assembly, take measurements and exchange ideas with your engineering and production teams.

Even skilled engineers can struggle with how to design a spring. If you need the help of an expert, contact Springs & Things to learn what it can do for you. 


Springs & Things Inc

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